July's Birthstone: The Ruby

A ruby is a gemstone from the corundum family. It comes in a variety of colors from the light almost champagne hue to what is marcarbly called "pigeon's blood", which is almost a pure red. Ruby is a hard gem just below diamond. Like many gemstones, rubies are often heat treated to improve the color and a well cut ruby can often approach a diamond in it's brilliance and sparkle.
Rubies are found in the asian and african countries predominently in Afghanistan,Burma (Myanmar), Cambodia, Kenya, Madagascar, Sri Lanka,Tanzania,Thailand,and Vietnam.
Rubies and sapphires come from the same family but the red ones are called rubies and the other colors in the corundum family are called sapphires.
The term ruby comes from the latin 'ruber', meaning red and in sanskrit the ruby is called the 'king of precious stones'.
During the course of history, rubies have been so highly prized and valued that they have, at times, reached a value over 7 times the value of diamonds.
Throughout history, rubies have been considered the 'King of Gems.' Treasured by royalty, religion, and various cultures, rubies have mesmerized the world with their beauty.

The ruby symbolizes the sun, freedom and power.
The Buddhists consider it a sacred gemstone which they refer to as "tears of Buddha".
It is believed that rubies possess the power to increase energy levels and stimulate love if worn close to the heart. Rubies are said to:
  • Protect sensitive temperments
  • Increase health
  • Increase wealth
  • Controls passion
  • Stimulate blood circulation
  • Aid sleeplessness and eliminate nightmares
  • Reduces depression
  • Ward off evil spirits
  • Protect against poisons 


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