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Merry Christmas

May your Christmas Day be filled with  joy, bringing together family, friends and loved ones; exchanging gifts, reminiscing and enjoying a festive Christmas dinner together. May the Miracle of Christmas fill your hearts with love and happiness.

Stephen, Michael and Cathy Corbo along with their families and our entire Corbo wish you a very Merry Christmas.

Something our family has enjoyed for Four Generations.

Our final Angel Wing Winner

Our final Angel Wing Winner.  Congratulations Barbara Vosbrink!

I am lucky to have three angels in my life. I have my girls Jessica(18), Brittney(11) and Kimberly(5). They are the reason why I smile!!  Sometimes they test me to see how far they can go. But in the end we always talk and laugh.  I have a very good relationship with all of them. A different relationship for each of them cause of such an age difference.  I like to think that they can come to me with anything. I know they have already and I am grateful for that. But most of all they make me feel special when all they have to do is give a hug and a kiss and they say they love me and I know I'm doing something right. I am so blessed to have all three of them. Barbara Vosbrink
Thank you for all of your entries! Never stop celebrating the Angels in your lives! Stay tuned for more contests and giveaways to come!

We'd Like to Share with You...

We recently received a letter from a customer in the military.  We would like to share it with you.  We are proud of it.


I just received the ring. It is absolutely gorgeous!!!! I love it and I am sure my wife will. The craftsmanship and detail is superb. Thank you so much for your excellent work and customer service. You and your team really do shine as much as the diamond ring you made.

All the best for a happy and prosperous holiday season for you and your family.

Thanks again. You really have made this Christmas special for me and my family.


A :VERY" happy customer! (;o)

Everyone at Corbo Jewelers works very hard to please each and every one of our customers. A letter like this from a customer means the world to us!

Week 6 Angel Wing Winner.

Here is the week 6 winning entry.  Congratulations Danielle DeBiase!

My Angel story is not about 1 but 2 beautiful Angels in my life. This is the first
Christmas without both of my grandmother's who I know are in heaven looking
down on all of us and smiling as we all share in this wonderful Holiday.

My Grandmother's Elsa & Anita where two of the most amazing, wondeful people you could have ever met. Always looking thier best, always with a smile on thier face. In
my heart I know when the sun is out shining it's them smiling down on me.

From teaching me how to make all kinds of yummy dishes to sitting around playing cards.
My grandmother's where always there either to have some fun with or lend an ear. They
gave me advice that made me the strong women I am today. I was blessed to have these two ladies in my life and so were all the people that knew them. They cared so much for others and for thier families. T…

Week 5 Angel Wing Contest Winner!

Here is the week 5 Angel Wing contest winner! Congratulations Maggie Mignone!

My mother is my best friend and will always be my beautiful angel. She has always carried me through the toughest times in my life. She supported me through each & every difficult decision I have ever had to make. She has shared my tears of joy and sadness. Her tender voice and warm embrace have kept me grounded & focused on the mother that I want to be. A few years ago I had the biggest scare of my life. My mother was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. At that moment our lives began to change. Our roles of mother & daughter were reversed. I began carrying her through the toughest time in her life. I supported her through each difficult decision regarding medical treatment. I wiped her tears and kept mine hidden. My voice became the sound of hope. My warm embraces kept her focused on a brighter tomorrow. Her strength and courage through it all …

Biggest Christmas Sale Ever!

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