Week 6 Angel Wing Winner.

Here is the week 6 winning entry.  Congratulations Danielle DeBiase!

My Angel story is not about 1 but 2 beautiful Angels in my life. This is the first
Christmas without both of my grandmother's who I know are in heaven looking
down on all of us and smiling as we all share in this wonderful Holiday.

My Grandmother's Elsa & Anita where two of the most amazing, wondeful people you could have ever met. Always looking thier best, always with a smile on thier face. In
my heart I know when the sun is out shining it's them smiling down on me.

From teaching me how to make all kinds of yummy dishes to sitting around playing cards.
My grandmother's where always there either to have some fun with or lend an ear. They
gave me advice that made me the strong women I am today. I was blessed to have these two ladies in my life and so were all the people that knew them. They cared so much for others and for thier families. There is nothing they would not do for them.

It's sad that two such wonderful ladies are not with us anyone more. Not here on Earth to
lend someone a hand or just ease them with thier smile. But I know they are watching over each and everyone of us. Guiding us to make the right choice and to follow our hearts. So thank you grandmothers for just being you and for so many wonderful years
that I was thankful to have with you. I love you and always will look to the sky when the sun is shining to see you smiling down on me. oxoxo

Danielle L. DeBiase

One week left!  Email your story along with your name, address, and email address to corbocontest@gmail.com for a chance to win a sterling silver angel wing!


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