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Our Angel Wing Contest Week 5 Winner

Congratulations Kathy Cupo

I have many Angels in my life, but the one's that I am writing about is my first Angel, my Son Nicholas.  Nicholas was born on 1/22/1989, he came into the world in the normal way and from there, my life changed.  He was my firstborn, and with him all my hopes and dreams came true.  As I waited for his first cry, his first breath, I knew something was wrong.  They whisked him to the special nursery without me getting to see or hold him.  He was diagnosed with a chromosome disorder called Trisomy 13.  Most babies diagnosed with this disorder, only live a few minutes when born.  We were fortunate to have him for 13 days.  I lived years in those 13 days.  I held him, talked to him,  sang to him and took him through an entire lifetime in those 13 days.  I will never forget the joy that he brought into my life, nor the pain and sorrow I felt when he died.  He would have been 21 this past January and the joy and pain are still with me every day.  I was blessed t…

Our Angel Wing Contest Week 4 Winner

Congratulations Anne Carlucci!

Hi!  The Angel in my life is my eighty one year old mother. She has weather quite a emotional storm in her life. My mother lost her husband of thirty five years at the age of sixty three. Just one year after retiring and moving to their dream life of a large condo overlooking the North Carolina coast. My mother stayed on alone and made the best of her situation with none of her kids living nearby. She always tried to comfort us after we lost our loving Father,with little thought to herself. She was the special needs brownie leader in our town. She always emphasized to us to help others for the good of bettering your self by just being a good person. She eventually moved back for financial and health reasons,to be near her children.Now back in Jersey she still felt the need to have her independence and lived a a senior single family home. My brother Kevin her second son was nearby to help with various projects and chores around the house.The house became …

Our Angel Wing Contest Week 3 Winner

Congratulations  Kurt E. Reinheimer

The angel in my life is my wife of 13 years.  After our first born child was diagnosed with autism she never complained or whined about the misfortune.  She simply has done everything in her powers over the past 11 years to help our little girl become the best and brightest she could ever hope to be.  When the house of our dreams suddenly burned down on 6/22/10 and she lost all of her possessions (except myself and the 2 children) due to my act of neglect, she never complained or whined about the misfortune.  She simply has done everything in her powers to get our life and family back on its feet.  When my wife's family disowned her due to her marriage to me 13 years ago, she never whined or complained.  She simply has made my life the best any man could ever hope for.  She is an angel, a saint and my best friend.  She tirelessly works for others with no care of her own desires.  It would mean the world to me for you to choose my wife and best f…

Our Angel Wing Contest Week 2 Winner

Congratulations Lorraine Russo !

It is not hard to describe my angel because of who she was.  Caring, helpful, selfless and loving. Alice Helble cared more about others then she did herself.  Many times in my life I witnessed her kindness to others.  At Thanksgiving she had an ecumenical table.  People of any race, creed or color were welcomed at her table and she never had a bad word to say about anyone.  More then anything else Alice taught me how to live my life as a true caring person through her kindness and love.  As she lay dying she still had her list out for Starfish to see if she could help others who needed a ride to a doctor or any appointment. I know now that Alice is still with me because of the example of her life.  It left an indelible mark on my life that will never be forgotten.  Her recent loss has left a physical void in my life and the life of all who knew her.  But her spirit, the true sign of an angel lives on in all of us.

Our Week 1 Angel Wing Contest Winner

Congratulations Sheila Grifo Fredericks!

Her winning story:

My angel is my ten year old daughter Juliette.  She is the most mature, responsible, sweet and beautiful little girl.  Last year my husband, her Daddy past away from a long battle with Brain Cancer.  She was Daddy's little girl.  Sandwiched between 2 wild boys she has a tough time getting any Mommy time.  She often helps do things for her little brother while I have things to accomplish.  She will read to him, make him scrambled eggs when he is hungry, work on his homework with him and spends time with him on the computer too.  She is a straight A student, that always gets up and gets herself to school on time. She is quite accomplished at gymnastics and is becoming a hard working athlete as well.  There are times when she really needs me for something and I have my hands full with other things.  She is quite patient and accepting of our circumstances and works hard to find a ways to do whatever it is by herself.  I would l…

November's Birthstone- The Citrine

This birthstone’s name comes from the French word for lemon, “citron”. It is the most abundant mineral, and signifies light-heartedness. One often wears citrine to have more happiness enter their lives. Some also call it the “jewel of the sun”. Citrine is a variety of quartz ranging in colors of yellow, yellow-brown, orange, dark orange-brown, reddish-brown. Citrine crystals can form together with amethyst or smoky quartz to form a bi-colored quartz called ametrine. Citrine is believed to help the heart, kidney, digestive tract, liver and muscles. It promotes creativity, helps personal clarity and eliminates self-destructive tendencies.

October's Birthstone is the Opal

Opal Trivia

Base color is either white or black, with a range of fiery opalescence. The more opalescence, the better the quality. Almost always seen as a cabachon. According to the ancient Greeks and Romans, it symbolized hope, innocence, and purityIt is the suggested gemstone gift for the 14th wedding anniversaryIt is believed to aid inner beauty, faithfulness, and eyesightMay help the wearer recall past livesThe ancient Romans called the opal "cupid paederos" or "child as beautiful as love" and believed the wearer was safe from diseaseThe ancient Arabs believed that opals fell from the heavens in flashes of lighteningIt is also rumored that Cleopatra wore opals to gain the attention of Mark Anthony

Engagement Story Contest

Was it romantic?  Was it funny?  Were you surprised? Tell us about your engagement, and be entered to win a diamond pendant valued at $500! Send Corbo your story from June 18th-July 11th 2010.  We'll select one story at random on July 12th, 2010 to win a beautiful .50ctw diamond pendant! Email your story along with your name, address, and email to

*Must be 18yrs or older to enter.  Contest runs from June 18, 2010 through July 11, 2010.  There will be one winner.  Diamond pendant has a retail value of $500.  Contest is not open to employees of Corbo Jewelers or their families.  Entry must include name, address ,and email address to be valid.  By entering, you are giving Corbo Jewelers consent to print your story.  All entries become the property of Corbo Jewelers.  Odds of winning determined by the number of entries received.

Eyes of The World

Join us for an exciting event!

"Eyes of the World"
Extraordinary Gemstone Sale and Mining Exhibit
May 12th - 15th
Corbo Jewelers
Ocean County Mall
1201 Hooper Avenue
Toms River, NJ  732-240-6010

See the rarest gemstone in the world!
Meet Henry F. Kennedy- explorer, miner, award winning author, and museum lecturer!

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Starting today, March 5th 2010, through March 31st, join our email guest list and be entered into a drawing to win a $100.00 gift card to Corbo Jewelers!  Winner gets to choose an In-store gift card OR an ONLINE gift card! All you have to do, is sign up to enter!
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Our Hershey's Kiss Pendant Winner

We would like to congratulate Kathleen Dupee on winning a sterling silver Hershey's Kiss pendant!  Thanks to everyone who entered.  More contests are on the way!

February Watch Sale!

It's time for our February Watch Sale!  From February 15th-28th, come to any of our 6 locations for huge savings on watches!

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Corbo wants to give you a kiss...

Tell us about the most romantic or memorable place on earth where you've been kissed, for a chance to win a sterling silver Hershey's Kiss pendant!  Retail value $79.99
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One winner will be chosen at random on February 28th!
*Must be at least 18 years of age to enter. Contest not open to employees of Corbo Jewelers or their families.  Odds of winning depend on number of entries received.  Enter as often as you like.  Only one winner per household.  Contest runs from 1-25-10 to 2-27-10.  Any entries received become property of Corbo Jewelers.  By entering you give Corbo Jewelers permission to print your enrty.

Tom's Moving On...Come Say Goodbye

Tom has been with Corbo Jewelers for six years, first as our manager in our Bergen Mall location and now at our Gillette store, and he's leaving for a position in the wholesale side of the jewelry industry. 

We wish Tom continued success, so come and wish him well!

Please be our guest as we say goodbye to Tom, our manager in Gillette.  His last day with us will be January 23rd!  We are celebrating all week with specials all throughout the store and at all seven of our locations!

Diamonds 30-40%       Rubies 40%

Sapphires 40-50%     Emeralds 40%

Gold 50-60%         Gemstones  40%

Holiday Photo Contest!

Do you have any great Holiday photos? 
Share them with us for a chance to win a digital camera, or a digital picture frame!  Email your holiday photo with your name, address, and email address to to enter!  We will be putting all entries on our facebook fan page, and asking our fans to vote for the winner!  
We will be accepting entries from today, 01-05-10, until 01-20-10.  All entries we receive will be put into a photo album on our Facebook fan page.  Voting will take place from 01-20-10, until   01-30-10!  Whichever photo receives the most "likes" will win! The winner will be announced on 01-31-10!
Good luck!
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*Must be at least 18 years of age to enter.  Contest not open to employees of Corbo Jewelers or their families.  Odds of winning depend on number of entries received.  Enter as often as you like.  Only one winner per household.  Contest runs from 01-05-10 to 01-20-10.  Any entr…