Our Angel Wing Contest Week 4 Winner

Congratulations Anne Carlucci!

Hi!  The Angel in my life is my eighty one year old mother. She has weather quite a emotional storm in her life. My mother lost her husband of thirty five years at the age of sixty three. Just one year after retiring and moving to their dream life of a large condo overlooking the North Carolina coast. My mother stayed on alone and made the best of her situation with none of her kids living nearby. She always tried to comfort us after we lost our loving Father,with little thought to herself. She was the special needs brownie leader in our town. She always emphasized to us to help others for the good of bettering your self by just being a good person. She eventually moved back for financial and health reasons,to be near her children.Now back in Jersey she still felt the need to have her independence and lived a a senior single family home. My brother Kevin her second son was nearby to help with various projects and chores around the house.The house became a bit tough for her and she decided to move with my sister in Indiana where she resides today. She has been at every ailing bedside of all her sisters in law and even got  on a plane to see her brother two days before he died in the hospital. When her son Kevin,my big brother and the apple of her eye, was diagnosed at fifty with an aggressive blood cancer, we where all shocked and hated to have to tell her. She was able to comfort him and do all the mothering she could long distance. Once again, she flew in five days before he passed. I can't imagine what she must be feeling losing a husband and child in her own lifetime.  She still goes on and puts on a brave face and gives us all the support we need to her kids and friends. Marion Muldowney, my mother, "My Angel on Earth".


  1. Mrs. M, or Mom as I prefer to call her, has been my angel on earth since 5th grade when I first became friends with her son, Kevin. If I was ever hungry or needed a place to rest, her home was always open to me. I still remember being able to smell the italian dinners being prepared as I used to walk across her lawn up to the front door. And it was always such a special treat for me since I never had italian food at home. Mom didn't live in the largest house in the neighborhood, but it sure had the most love inside; each time I went over to visit, I always knew I was going somewhere special. It has been one of the greatest privileges in my life to have been friends with Kevin, and to become part of the extended family. With love, Koz


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