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Our Angel Wing Contest Week 5 Winner

Congratulations Kathy Cupo

I have many Angels in my life, but the one's that I am writing about is my first Angel, my Son Nicholas.  Nicholas was born on 1/22/1989, he came into the world in the normal way and from there, my life changed.  He was my firstborn, and with him all my hopes and dreams came true.  As I waited for his first cry, his first breath, I knew something was wrong.  They whisked him to the special nursery without me getting to see or hold him.  He was diagnosed with a chromosome disorder called Trisomy 13.  Most babies diagnosed with this disorder, only live a few minutes when born.  We were fortunate to have him for 13 days.  I lived years in those 13 days.  I held him, talked to him,  sang to him and took him through an entire lifetime in those 13 days.  I will never forget the joy that he brought into my life, nor the pain and sorrow I felt when he died.  He would have been 21 this past January and the joy and pain are still with me every day.  I was blessed t…

Our Angel Wing Contest Week 4 Winner

Congratulations Anne Carlucci!

Hi!  The Angel in my life is my eighty one year old mother. She has weather quite a emotional storm in her life. My mother lost her husband of thirty five years at the age of sixty three. Just one year after retiring and moving to their dream life of a large condo overlooking the North Carolina coast. My mother stayed on alone and made the best of her situation with none of her kids living nearby. She always tried to comfort us after we lost our loving Father,with little thought to herself. She was the special needs brownie leader in our town. She always emphasized to us to help others for the good of bettering your self by just being a good person. She eventually moved back for financial and health reasons,to be near her children.Now back in Jersey she still felt the need to have her independence and lived a a senior single family home. My brother Kevin her second son was nearby to help with various projects and chores around the house.The house became …

Our Angel Wing Contest Week 3 Winner

Congratulations  Kurt E. Reinheimer

The angel in my life is my wife of 13 years.  After our first born child was diagnosed with autism she never complained or whined about the misfortune.  She simply has done everything in her powers over the past 11 years to help our little girl become the best and brightest she could ever hope to be.  When the house of our dreams suddenly burned down on 6/22/10 and she lost all of her possessions (except myself and the 2 children) due to my act of neglect, she never complained or whined about the misfortune.  She simply has done everything in her powers to get our life and family back on its feet.  When my wife's family disowned her due to her marriage to me 13 years ago, she never whined or complained.  She simply has made my life the best any man could ever hope for.  She is an angel, a saint and my best friend.  She tirelessly works for others with no care of her own desires.  It would mean the world to me for you to choose my wife and best f…