Our Angel Wing Contest Week 5 Winner

Congratulations Kathy Cupo

I have many Angels in my life, but the one's that I am writing about is my first Angel, my Son Nicholas.  Nicholas was born on 1/22/1989, he came into the world in the normal way and from there, my life changed.  He was my firstborn, and with him all my hopes and dreams came true.  As I waited for his first cry, his first breath, I knew something was wrong.  They whisked him to the special nursery without me getting to see or hold him.  He was diagnosed with a chromosome disorder called Trisomy 13.  Most babies diagnosed with this disorder, only live a few minutes when born.  We were fortunate to have him for 13 days.  I lived years in those 13 days.  I held him, talked to him,  sang to him and took him through an entire lifetime in those 13 days.  I will never forget the joy that he brought into my life, nor the pain and sorrow I felt when he died.  He would have been 21 this past January and the joy and pain are still with me every day.  I was blessed to have him for that short while and he taught me more about life in those 13 days, than it would have taken me a lifetime to learn.  I now knew what true unconditional love was for the first time, I felt pride,  when he would look at me and wrap his fingers around mine, I thought my heart would burst, I learned patience as I was taught how to hold him, change him, feed him through a tube, listen to make sure that the tube was in his belly, not his lungs, I learned humility, I learned that there are some very cruel people in this world and also a lot of loving and accepting ones.  When he died, I thought I would die with him, I thought my heart would break in half, and that was when I learned strength and what it takes to move ahead and that life is wonderful, amazing and yes very painful as well.  He taught me accept things that I can't change, make the most of every day, live life to the fullest for none of us knows how much time we have on this earth.  I know he is in a better place and watching out for me and his Dad and his 3 younger sisters, he is my Angel in Heaven.


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