Our Week 1 Angel Wing Contest Winner

Congratulations Sheila Grifo Fredericks!

Her winning story:

My angel is my ten year old daughter Juliette.  She is the most mature, responsible, sweet and beautiful little girl.  Last year my husband, her Daddy past away from a long battle with Brain Cancer.  She was Daddy's little girl.  Sandwiched between 2 wild boys she has a tough time getting any Mommy time.  She often helps do things for her little brother while I have things to accomplish.  She will read to him, make him scrambled eggs when he is hungry, work on his homework with him and spends time with him on the computer too.  She is a straight A student, that always gets up and gets herself to school on time. She is quite accomplished at gymnastics and is becoming a hard working athlete as well.  There are times when she really needs me for something and I have my hands full with other things.  She is quite patient and accepting of our circumstances and works hard to find a ways to do whatever it is by herself.  I would love to thank her with the beautiful angel wings not only to show her what an angel she is but to let her know their is an angel in heaven watching over her.


  1. Thank you for sharing Sheila and Juliet's beautiful story.


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