April's Birthstone: The Diamond

The April birthstone is the Diamond. The name ‘Diamond’ is derived from the ancient Greek world adámas, for ‘proper’, ‘unbreakable’, ‘unalterable’, ‘invincible’ or ‘untamed’, reflecting its unyielding quality and endurance.

The diamond is perhaps the most explored gemstone in the world, with gemologists, miners, consumers and wearers studying its qualities to duplicate and enhance this natural wonder. The diamond has long been associated with love, bonding, relationships, commitments and loyalty. A gemstone of lover’s, the diamond has been used in the creation of exquisite engagement rings and jewelry since the times of old.  This gemstone is believed to bestow balance, clarity and abundance on the wearer, we well as bring wealth, health and happiness to the home of its bearer.

Diamonds are traditionally colorless or white. This is the most desired state of the stone and also the rarest.  Because of the way Diamonds form from gases underground, it is rare for them not to be cloudy or have a tint of yellow or brown.  Colorless diamonds are the cleanest and sparkle the most which is what most people prefer.  However, there are other tints such as faint pink or yellow hue. A strong tinted diamond with a even tint and good clarity is even more rare and also desirable.

The forever stone is the most precious gem in the world today. The diamond is measured in Carats and its quality depends on four parameters. Carat weight, color, clarity and cut. Depending on these factors, diamonds can range from a few thousands to a million dollars!
April born individuals are blessed by the world’s most precious gemstone resource, the Diamond, and are bestowed a healthy, prosperous life by its protective, sterling qualities and attributes.
(Source:: http://www.birthstonezodiac.com/birthstones/april-birthstone/)


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