Is There An Angel in Your Life WINNER!

Here is our first winning entry. Congratulations Becci Erickson.

There is an angel in my life & I'm lucky to be married to him.  My husband is my best friend & he supports me in everything I do.  Lately life has been very hard for us...he's been unemployed for two years, started & runs his own furniture making business (which isn't making anything right now in this economy), he does my dishes & laundry while I'm at the office.  He takes care of me every day in countless ways...and I can never find enough words to say thank you.  We are moving soon so that he can find a job...but no matter what happens he's my angel every single minute of the day with his smile & patience & love.  I am so blessed to have this angel close to hold me when I need it the most.
Becci Erickson
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