Week 3 Angel Wings Winner

Here is the week 3 winning entry! Congratulations Nikki Kelly!


Is There An Angel In Your Life?
Yes, there is truly an angel in my life. I do not see him every day, nor do we share words or hugs. He is keeping a promise he made to me, as well as checking in to reassure me that he is fine. My angel is my beloved late father.
Prior to his death, he and I made a pact. He had been tragically ill for six years, but he cheated death many, many times during those horrid years. I asked him if we could make a deal that whichever one of us died first, the other would receive a sign, if possible, that he/she was okay. He said yes. And it was possible, because he came to me numerous times. My father, unseen but felt, let me know of his presence via the scent of his Dove soap, the masculine scent of his Polo cologne, the weight on the edge of the bed when I woke that almost caused me to roll off. His visits came at unexpected times and caught me off guard. Quickly stopping in to let me know that he is doing fine and, most likely, nudging me to stop grieving.
The very first visit came while I was recovering from emergency surgery not even two weeks after his death. A trip to the surgeon's for a follow-up was the moment he chose to be with me. I was wildly hitting my husband's arm when I smelled the all-too-familiar scent of Daddy, while crying out, "Daddy's here! Daddy's here!" It all seems unbelievable to those who do not or will not believe. But there are no other logical explanations for what has occurred.
He was, is, and will always be my hero. And he has proven that he is still what he always was: A man of his word...and my angel.
-Nikki Kelly


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